Important Browser Updates – Really Important If You Have An iPod

In the last few days, virtually every Web browser has been updated to fix exploits of some sort.

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari all have had updates. Some you may need to check for yourself. You may want to double check to be sure so your browsing is safe. CERT listed the Safari update as critical for last week’s summary as well as Firefox this week.

Wednesday the 24th Mozilla released Firefox 3.6.2.

This was released a week ahead of schedule. This is a security patch. It actually took them a bit to find if the rumored exploit was true or not. Once found, the Firefox team has done a great job of getting it fixed. If you are not sure your Firefox is updated, you can check for any updates in the help menu in Firefox.

On the 22nd Opera was updated.

Opera 10.51 is also a security release. If you use it, get the new Opera.

Do you have an iPod or have Quicktime installed on your computer?

Safari is often installed by default with iTunes with these programs. Unless you uncheck it, you may have Apple’s browser on your Windows computer. You also have Safari if you have a Mac.

There was a critical update to Safari on the 11th.

While this is apparently for both Windows and Mac it is a very important security update for Safari on Windows. More so since some of the security problems were fixed earlier in the Mac version and are just now getting to Windows Safari. Please make sure that your Apple software is updated. :)

Safari (web browser)
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Chrome was also updated a few days ago.

Google Chrome updates automatically, so you don’t need to do anything. Your safe now.

As far as Internet Explorer goes, no real updates this time.

Just the warning to make sure that you have updated all the way (never hurts to check Windows Update one more time) to IE8. IE7 is dangerous and if your using IE6 you are simply doomed.

None of these updates cost you anything. Not updating could cost you pretty much everything if your usernames and passwords get hacked. Take advantage of my newsletter and you’ll get these posts in your email and I’ll help remind you when there are updates and exploits.

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