Should You Use Internet Explorer To Explore The Internet ?

Is Internet Explorer a good browser choice for surfing the internet?

I am not an anti-Microsoft person. I use Windows quite a bit. All day, in fact.  I also believe that Microsoft is one of the best software companies when it comes to releasing patches when there are known security problems.

With all this behind it, you would think that it should be pretty safe. You better keep reading.

I personally believe that using Internet Explorer (IE)  for normal web surfing is dangerous for you computer’s security. In other words, no, do not use Internet Explorer for surfing the Internet.

A current exploit is to trick the user to press the F1 key.

While on a malicious page (or one that’s been hacked) the user is tricked into pressing the F1 key (often used as a help key in Windows programs). This exploit was released with no warning on the internet along with the code to use the exploit.

While there may always be security problems with software, IE has had some really bad ones and had them recently.

IE6 has recently been abandoned by Google (they will no longer support it) and other Internet services. While it’s quirky web page representation is part of the reason, numerous security problems that remain are a primary reason. Internet Explorer 6 is the default browser with Windows XP.

IE7 has also recently been shown to be unsafe. It has the same vulnerability as IE6. While there is a partial fix for IE7, nearly all advice is to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 which does not have the same problem as the older two versions.

Microsoft offers free updates to IE8 so if you have not done so, upgrade to Internet Explorer now.

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Many of the exploits released for IE have been very bad.

They allow the hacker to access passwords and user names. Ever use your computer to access your bank account? Did you use IE? What version? Did you know that an Internet Explorer exploit was used in the China-Google hacking incident that has resulted in Google moving out of China?

I suggest that you use another browser for normal web surfing.

The two I recommend are Firefox and Google Chrome. My personal favorite at the moment is Google Chrome. Another good browser it Opera (I have only used mobile Opera, but here good things about it).

You unfortunately may still need Internet Explorer.

Some sites are designed to only work with IE. This is just bad web design. The whole point of the web was that a page should be viewable no matter what computer was used to view it. IE is not even available for all computer operating systems. Worse yet, to require someone to use a browser that allows them to get hacked easy is just dumb if you want them to use your website.

It is true that all browsers have flaws.

A computer security group did a comparison of different browsers. They found that even though the other browsers tested had vulnerabilities, Internet Explorer was more easily infected and hacked. It was also infected faster.

Surf the Internet with a different browser.

Use Firefox or Chrome for your casual surfing. Use Internet Explorer 8 only when you need to use a site that requires IE. Make sure whatever browser you use is updated when updates are released.

I’ll be letting you know here when there are problems with browsers and bad exploits. Don’t miss out on being warned, sign up for the newsletter up above and you’ll get an email whenever there is an update on this site.

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