Welcome to Online IT Guide!

Welcome to the Online IT Guide!

This is just the start of a new blog that I hope can really help you every day. This is an IT guide for people that have a life.

This blog will be covering two main topics that are somewhat related:

  1. Computers, which nearly everyone uses daily nowadays.
  2. Blogging and Websites, with the main focus initially on business blogs for small businesses.

In the computer section, I’m going to be showing how to maintain your personal computer.

For those that might be thinking about a new computer, I’ll also be covering what it takes to build a computer at home. I’m going to be spending a lot of time talking about keeping your computer safe and avoiding viruses, as this is becoming more and more a problem.

In the blogging section I’ll be showing anyone who is interested in putting their business online how to build an effective small business website.

This is not a make money online blog. This is more of a make money offline blog. My main goal is to help small local businesses create an online community to help them compete with the monster corporations out there.
I know what it is like to try and compete with the big chains that can sell everything you sell at a loss, just to get more people in to buy something else. Let’s face it. The discount store can spend more money decorating for Easter than you can spend on advertising the entire year.
You will learn how to attract new customers to your business. You’ll learn how to keep your current customers loyal to your business.

My goal is to do all this in a way that anyone (like my mother) can understand and follow.

This blog is for people that have a life. By that I mean, you have other things that are more important and need to know the basics. You need to know what can be done quick and easy and when it may be time for someone else to take over. You need advice you can understand.

That’s why I think nearly everyone that uses a computer should sign up for my free email newsletter.

You get updates to this site sent to your email. That way, you’ll know when there is a bad exploit on the web you need to patch your computer for (and there are a few out now that you may not know about). You’ll learn some of the new scams that are going around on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t fall for them.

Let your friends know about this site and the newsletter so they can be safe too.

I hope you’ll hang on and enjoy the ride over the next few days as I add the first posts!
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