Facebook Farm Town Malware Ads

Just a quick warning.

A popular Facebook app game, Farm Town may be serving malware ads.

While not to be confused with Farmville, Farm Town which has over 9 million players, has been getting reports of malware ads from players.

If you ever get a pop-up claiming you are infected with a virus and need to download some anti-virus program – Don’t.

While the recommendation given on the article on Sophos is to close the ad, I recommend you do not. My advice is:

Turn off your computer immediately using the power button.

Don’t save anything. As soon as your computer restarts, scan with your anti-virus. If your using Chrome, you may be safe with closing Chrome or the tab itself, but I would still shut down anyways to be safe.

These fake anti-virus ads are almost always malware themselves.

They can possibly use the action of clicking to close the ad to install. Your best bet would be to try and prevent it from getting saved to your drive. Your browser usually caches files to your drive as you use the web. Shutting off the power button is the quickest way to do this.

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SlashKey, the makers of Farm Town are checking on this issue and working to fix it.

They obviously don’t want their users getting infected either. They are not sure how the ads got on. It may be the advertising firm used by SlashKey to serve ads was hacked.

Never fall for the fake anti-virus scan malware.

Almost anytime you see a pop-up that says you need to install a program to get rid of a virus, it usually is malware itself. Some of these fake anti-malware programs are among the worst I have had to remove. Often, they will prevent any attempt to use a real anti-malware program to get rid of them while making the computer unusable.

A thanks to Stan Schroeder at  Mashable where I first heard about this story.

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