Firefox Updates an Update and More Fun

Tired of updates? Well, there’s more. In addition to Firefox there are a couple more including one for Mac and Windows.

Firefox has released an update for last week’s update.

Last week’s Firefox update was a security update. Apparently it did not fix the problem, a new security hole was found, or last week’s update made a new security problem. Anyways, you may need to update your Firefox browser again. You need Firefox version 3.6.3 to be safe.

Try out the new Firefox Personas or themes that are now available on the site. Lots to choose from. I’ve been using the Star Wars persona on most of my Firefox browsers. Once you enable the new persona system, you can see how new ones look just by hovering your mouse over them. It would be cool to see this in Google’s Chrome browser.

There is also a Java security update.

You know that little orange box that says a Java update is available. It is usually in the right bottom taskbar. Now is a good time to click on it if it shows. I have not seen any malware that imitates the Java update notice yet, but just be warned that there is a fake Window update icon that will install malware if you click on it. I would guess it is only a matter of time before there is malware that imitates the Java update icon.

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When you update Java, there is often a check box that will install something you may not want.

Make sure you clear it. There really is no need for any additional toolbars or trial software. Open Office is a great option if that is offered though. I have found Open Office to be a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

Finally, Apple has release updates for Quicktime and iTunes.

This update is for both Mac and Windows. In the case of iTunes, an attacker can create a denial of service attack with a malicious MP4 file. So, even if you have a Mac and you updated your OS last week, you still need to make sure you get these. It’d be awful to mess up all your stuff while you sync your new iPad.

Well, it sure has been an interesting few weeks with all the updates.┬áMaybe we’ll get a break for a couple weeks. :)

Are you friends keeping their computers updated? Or will the next photo they email you be a virus? Let them know about this site so they know when they need to update their computer.

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