Microsoft Patch Tuesday May 2010 and Could There Be Malware Out For Macs?

Today is Patch Tuesday 2010

Microsoft released several updates today. If you’re not sure if your computer has done an automatic update already, make sure it does get updated. Some of the patches released by Microsoft are for vulnerabilities that already being attached.

However, also in the computer security warnings today are a warning about the Apple Safari browser. Today’s warnings for the Apple Safari browser were not limited to the Windows version. Could we be seeing the first real malware attack for the Mac? If you use a Mac or know someone who is always telling you how superior their Mac is to your PC, there is some news you really need to pay attention to.

Today’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday has several critical updates.

Most of today’s updates mail and ¬†Microsoft Office related. Outlook Express, Microsoft Mail, Office, and also Windows Live Mail. This is for the range of all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to the current Windows 7. In other words, if you have Windows, you need this update.

Also in the update is a patch for Visual Basic.

You may not be a programmer, but you may use a program uses the Visual Basic Runtime. The patch takes care of that case too.

You will need to restart your computer after this Microsoft Update.

A good thing to note is if you have your computer set to do automatic updates it should reboot or need to reboot. If not, check the Microsoft update site from your start menu and make sure you’re computer can update. Remember, not connecting to Microsoft Update is a sign of a malware infection.

There is current malware targeting the Apple Safari browser!

Safari (web browser)
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If you are tricked into opening a malicious website (or maybe one of the thousands that were hacked last week and still not secured). Disabling Java, and not running your computer from an Administration account are two things that may help keep your computer from this infection. However, it would be a lot better to simply not use the Apple Safari browser and use Firefox or even better Google Chrome.

This malware may also infect Safari on the Mac!

While not confirmed, for the first time I am seeing this listed as a possibility. I am not surprised as I have heard that there was code targeting Macs being developed over the last month or two. Computer security experts have also pointed out that the Mac OS has not been taking security seriously. It may be time to start looking for a good anti-virus for Mac OS.

The malware targeting the Safari browser does need user intervention to work.

It relies on tricking the user to install the software. Don’t click on any links saying Steve Jobs said to click here. This malware is currently available on the internet and in use, so beware no matter what type of computer you use Safari on.

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