Video – How To Update or Install Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

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How to update or install Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash is installed on nearly every computer. It does not show up as a program unless you check in your Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs. Unless you have an iPhone or iPad, you probably have it installed (many websites need it to look right). With malware targeting Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities to install on your … [Read more...]

Important Adobe Flash Update You Need Now!


Adobe has just released an update for Flash which you should download immediately. Late Thursday June 10th Adobe released Flash Player 10.1. This fixes a bad exploit that is currently being used to install malware on computers. You need to visit the Adobe website and install this if you have not gotten the notice for the update from Flash itself yet. You should do this before … [Read more...]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday June 2010


It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday for June 2010 Have you updated your Windows computer or computers yet today? This month Microsoft has patches for at least 10 vulnerabilities. Three of these are listed as critical with seven listed as important. More about what critical and important mean and what that means to you in a bit While the past few weeks have been kind of quiet, lots … [Read more...]