Video – How To Update or Install Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

How to update or install Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe Flash is installed on nearly every computer. It does not show up as a program unless you check in your Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs. Unless you have an iPhone or iPad, you probably have it installed (many websites need it to look right).

With malware targeting Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities to install on your computer it is very important to keep it updated.

Also, many social engineered exploits use a pop-up window telling you to click to update your Flash Player to the latest version to show content. Instead of updating Flash, you install the malware to your computer. Knowing how to install Flash by going to and downloading and installing Flash yourself can give you peace of mind that you have the latest version an don’t install malware by mistake.

After my post about updating Flash, I relalized that not everyone knows how to update Flash.

In fact, most people don’t realize it is installed, even when you tell them nearly every computer has it. When I say nearly every computer has it, I mean your computer almost is guaranteed to have Flash on it.

What does Adobe Flash Player do?

Flash allows animation in your browser. All sorts of things from animated photos to games use Flash to work. Even the YouTube video in this post showing you how to install Flash uses Flash! Because Flash works on so many computers, a software developer can just write a program or develop a media presentation once and it works on nearly every type of computer.

Anyway, here is the video on how to install Adobe Flash Player.

I show how to install Flash using Internet Explorer and how to install Flash using Google Chrome. There is enough of a difference that it could confuse someone. Actually, it did confuse someone, so that is why I made the video.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Install or Update Adobe Flash Player[/mc]

Just a note, the install failed in Internet Explorer in the video. I actually did this video several times over and it did not want to install over again the last time I did it. The step are still the same, you’ll just get a green installed message where mine was red.

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