Microsoft Patch Tuesday August 2010

Well, it’s another Microsoft Patch Tuesday already.

Microsoft’s official monthly release of vulnerability patches and bug fixes is here for August 2010. What’s in store for us this month?

Microsoft is releasing a near record number of patches in this month’s release.

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

The patches cover all currently supported operating systems from Windows XP Service Pack 3 to The latest Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. Also in included are some Microsoft Office patches and a patch for Microsoft’s Silverlight which is a web media system (you may use Silverlight for video or other media on some websites or online services).

Note that Mac OS owners may get to join in this Microsoft Patch Tuesday also.

There is a patch for the Mac OS version of Microsoft Office. For those of us that don’t own Macs, Microsoft Office for Mac is fairly respected.

While many of the patches are very important, remember that Microsoft released an extremely important patch last week also.

That patch was for a very bad exploit using malicious shortcut files called lnk files. Even so, just because the rest of the patches were left for this week, does not make them unimportant. There are exploits already developed to install malware on your computer if you are not patched. Patch now.

Most likely, you will need to reboot your computer for these patches to fully install so don’t forget to restart your computer before you go back to browsing the web. You can expect somewhere around 14 updates in total of various sizes. It will take a while to download and install them all depending on your internet speed and the speed of your computer.

Not sure if your computer is updated and need to know how? Check out my video on Updating Windows.

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