An Important Online Shopping and Banking Warning


Microsoft is issuing an out of band security update tomorrow September 28,2010. My personal suggestion is to avoid any online shopping and online banking for a day or two. The exploit affects the Microsoft ¬†.net service that is used for keeping information on a Web server secure. The SAN's internet storm center sums up Microsoft's advisory this way: Translated, this means that … [Read more...]

Time To Update Adobe Flash Again Right Away


Adobe released a much needed Flash Player¬†update a week earlier than expected! Today (September 20, 2010) Adobe released an update to Flash. This update covers just about all Operating Systems. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, and even Android. Basically, every system except the iPhone and iPad (no flash fun for them). This is a very important update, especially for Windows … [Read more...]

Updating Adobe Flash Player The Right Way

Some recent changes in Google Chrome have made the old tutorial I made about updating Adobe Flash a bit obsolete, so I now introduce a new, better one here. :) This will also work for Adobe Shockwave as well. I have a new video tutorial for installing Adobe Flash with this post also. There is a right way, a wrong way, and a risky way to update Adobe Flash. Unfortunately, the … [Read more...]

Uninstalling Adobe Flash – Windows 7

Computer Software

How to uninstall Adobe Flash Sometimes, when you are trying to update Adobe Flash (or any another program) an old version of the program will cause some type of problem with the update. Specifically, Adobe mentions this possibility with Flash. I have seen this myself when doing tutorials for updating Adobe Flash. In my case, the error was because Flash was already updated. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 2010 And An Adobe Warning


Yesterday was Microsoft Patch Tuesday Yep, I'm late. Maybe more important than this month's Patch Tuesday may be Adobe's warning. While a couple of the patches this month are for exploits that are currently being used, they don't seem to be aimed at the typical home user. One of the currently active exploits does target the printing system in Windows and this is at the top of … [Read more...]