Microsoft Patch Tuesday September 2010 And An Adobe Warning

Yesterday was Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Yep, I’m late. Maybe more important than this month’s Patch Tuesday may be Adobe’s warning.

While a couple of the patches this month are for exploits that are currently being used, they don’t seem to be aimed at the typical home user. One of the currently active exploits does target the printing system in Windows and this is at the top of the list in importance. This may affect you if you share a printer on your network.

The other Microsoft updates are a bit less critical.

One of the other ones also has exploit code going around on the internet but it targets Windows Internet Information Services which is the Windows Web server. Few people use their computers as a Web server but I have seen IIS (Internet Information Services) running on Windows XP machines where it really does not need to be.

In other words, make sure your Windows system is updated just like any Microsoft Patch Tuesday.

For a updated Windows 7 operating system, I had 4 updates and needed a reboot. The number of patches you need will change depending on your version of Windows and the software you have installed.

Possibly more important:

Adobe has announced another bad exploit in Flash and Reader that is currently being used to spread malware.

As of yet, there is no patch for this one. This affects nearly all operating systems that have Adobe Flash or Adobe Reader. Yes, that means everyone. Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux – everyone.

The exploit was only discovered after it was found in use. It may take time for Anti-Virus to detect this malware and it is very possible to be infected before detection is up to speed or for the AV simply to not catch it till your computer is alread infected. Sadly, there is not too much that can be done right now.

I will make sure to let you know here as soon as Adobe has a patch for this.

Adobe thinks maybe late September or early October.