New Email Scam Going Strong

There seems to be a major malware email worm going around.

What can you expect from this malware?

You make get a link in an email. If you click on the link it will take you to a PDF page which can download and install malware on your computer. In this case, you may be asked to install some program like a screensaver.

The good news?

Good anti-virus software may detect it. It may get flagged as suspicious and not the malware it really is. So, if your anti-virus tells you it is not sure but there may be something wrong, don’t click. Of course, if you think there is something wrong, don’t click either.

The obvious answer is do not install any file from an email link. Of course, the link could come from a Facebook friend or Twitter too. Seems obvious, but all too easy to fall for.

If your computer is infected, the malware will use your contacts to send a similar link to your contacts and try to infect them. This is what happened to the person who sent you the link.

Right now, you can especially look out for emails that say the following:

Here you have

Just For You

I would expect this to change pretty quickly to other phrases.

You can expect this malware to get worse.

Several recent zero-day vulnerabilities were announced recently, both in Windows and Adobe Reader.

Following good rules for computer safety can help protect you.

  • Keep your computer operating system updated. (next Tuesday is Patch Tuesday)
  • Make sure you know Adobe Reader, Flash and Shockware are updated. Best to do this from the Adobe website or in Reader – never follow a link from a warning that could be fake.
  • Make sure Java is updated on your computer.
  • Using Google Chrome can help also.
  • Have a good updated anti-virus program ( I recommend and use Panda Security)