Time To Update Adobe Flash Again Right Away

Adobe released a much needed Flash Player update a week earlier than expected!

Today (September 20, 2010) Adobe released an update to Flash.

This update covers just about all Operating Systems. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, and even Android. Basically, every system except the iPhone and iPad (no flash fun for them).

This is a very important update, especially for Windows users.

The vulnerability that this update fixes has been being exploited for several weeks already in Windows. However, there is the possibility for any operating system to eventually see malware or attacks using this weakness.

For Windows, go to Adobe.com using Internet Explorer right now.

Get Adobe Flash
Click on this button on the Adobe.com webpage to update Flash Player

You can follow the instructions on the Adobe website – just click the “Get Flash” button there.

Click here for direction and a how-to video for updating Flash in Windows 7

For Windows XP, you can follow the directions to update Flash here, but use only Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome.

I expect there will also be an update for Adobe Reader and Acrobat within a couple weeks but this Flash update should help with that vulnerability as it is Flash that also is the problem there.

Once more, if you have not updated Adobe Flash Player on your computer or Android device since Monday September 20th, you need to do so right away no matter what kind of computer you use.

If you do not update Flash, it is only a matter of time before malware will be installed on your computer. That is, if it is not too late already. This is that serious.