Uninstalling Adobe Flash – Windows 7

How to uninstall Adobe Flash

Sometimes, when you are trying to update Adobe Flash (or any another program) an old version of the program will cause some type of problem with the update. Specifically, Adobe mentions this possibility with Flash. I have seen this myself when doing tutorials for updating Adobe Flash. In my case, the error was because Flash was already updated. However, you may not know for sure that is the case and all you will have to do is uninstall the previous version (or versions) and then install the updated version.

Here’s a video for Uninstalling Adobe Flash.

[mc src=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DymzV4a-MT0″ type=”youtube”]How To Uninstall Adobe Flash In Windows 7[/mc]

Uninstalling Flash or any program in Windows 7 is easy:

  • Click on the Start Button
  • Click on Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall Programs
  • Click once on the program you wish to uninstall to select it (in this case a previous version of Adobe Flash).
  • Click the Uninstall button above the list of programs.
Remove Program Screen in Windows 7
Removing Programs in Windows 7

That’s all.

You can use this method to uninstall any program you need to uninstall.

You may have some programs you no longer plan to use. You can save space on your hard drive and sometimes it can speed up your computer a bit by removing programs you don’t use. Also, sometimes programs are installed without you really wanting to when you install another program (toolbars and things like that). Only delete programs you are sure about. Some things like drivers or Windows updates may be listed in the program list even if you did not install them.

Uninstalling Adobe Flash in Windows XP is just about the same.

The Add/Remove Program Screen In Windows XP
Removing Programs in Windows XP

It looks just a little different but the only real difference is the uninstall button for each program is next to the program itself. You don’t need to go to the top of the list to click the uninstall program.

I hope this is clear (it is probably easier to see what to do in the video). If you have questions, just ask in the comments below. If you find this helpful, please share with your friends.