Patch Tuesday October 2010

This is probably a record setting month for updates and for more than just Microsoft!

Yes, it’s already time for Microsoft’s monthly release of patches.

This month Microsoft has a record setting 16 bulletins. These fix a total of about 49 vulnerabilities.

In my case I had 14 updates for a fairly well updated Windows 7 system. The download was about 49MB in size. A fully patched XP Professional system had 11 updates. The Windows XP updates were about 27MB’s total. This is in addition to the out of band update Microsoft released a week or two ago.

The data for an hour of music is about 650 MB in size (the amount for 1 CD) by comparison. It is a fairly large update.

Video: How to Update Windows XP

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Windows Manually[/mc]

Oracle also announced a total of 81 updates to the software it owns.

You may not be familiar with Oracle, but they recently bought Sun the producers of Java. Java is a programming language used widely on most websites (even this one). It is very likely that your computer has Java installed on it. No, you won’t have 81 updates, most likely just one. :) A mind boggling number of updates, but only one or two that will affect the average user.

Video: How to Update Java (Windows XP)

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Java[/mc]

Additionally, make sure you have updated Adobe Reader or Acrobat recently.

Adobe release some important updates last week for Reader and Acrobat. These fix some vulnerabilities that already in use, just like the Flash update last month. Make sure your Adobe software is up to date.

Video: How to Update Adobe Reader (You will need a later version than the one in the video but the method is the same).

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Update Adobe Reader[/mc]

That’s all so far this month – make sure you’re on my email list at the upper right. I’ll try let you know if there are any important updates you need to make before the next patch Tuesday.