Patch Tuesday November 2010 and Adobe Updates

Wow! Another month went by so fast. This time news from Microsoft and Adobe.

After last months record setting number of updates, Microsoft does not have too much for this Patch Tuesday.

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

This month Microsoft only has 3 updates.

Two are Microsoft Office related. One is office and one is for Powerpoint. The third is for the Forefront Unified Access Gateway.

The Forefront Unified Access Gateway is a technology that allows remote access to computers. Most people will not have this (or even heard of it). However, if it is offered as an update when you update Windows make sure you update it with the rest of the updates.

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]Updating Windows XP Manually[/mc]

I used the word “update” way too much in that last sentence.

Adobe has released some important updates during the last couple weeks.

Both Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave have been recently patched with some bad exploits out on the web. With Flash being installed on nearly all computers it is important that you keep it updated.

Adobe Shockwave is not as popular as Flash. There is a good chance that you may come across a site that uses it. To me, the question is if you should install it or leave Shockwave off your computer. You can check your installed programs to see if you have it (you go to add/ remove programs just like you would if you were going to remove a program and see if it is listed). If you have Shockwave, or still are not sure, it is best to simply make sure you have the latest version. Shockwave follows nearly the same procedure as Adobe Flash for updating. I update Flash first and then Shockwave right after.

You can click here for a video and information on updating Adobe Flash or Adobe Shockwave.

Adobe has also warned of an exploit affecting Adobe Reader.

Adboe Flash Player Icon
Adobe Flash Player

Just as the patch for Flash was released a new exploit for Adobe Reader was found in use. Adobe Reader exploits are bad as PDF files are very common and many computers come with Adobe Reader installed and most browsers will open a PDF file automatically. No word yet on how soon the update will be.

The good news is Adobe has announced that Reader X will soon be released.

That is Reader X as in Adobe Reader 10. What will make this release so important is Adobe is introducing a “sandbox” for PDF’s. This sandbox should keep anything that happens when a PDF is opened inside Adobe Reader and not allow malware to infect the computer. This will make Adobe Reader and PDF files much safer to use. A major step forward.

I will make sure to make at least a short post whenever the update or new release of Adobe Reader is out so you can update immediately. Make sure you have subscribed to this site either by RSS or the email newsletter you know when I post about it. Adobe Acrobat X is already out.