How To Install Adobe Reader X aka 10

Adobe recently released Adobe Reader X

Actually, Adobe released it a couple weeks ago at the time of this post, but I had a few problems with it and waited to make sure it was going to work before I was going to recommend everyone switch to it.

I recommend that everyone with a Windows computer download and install Reader X right away.

Adobe Reader X
Adobe Reader X

This new version of Adobe Reader is more than just a small fix or upgrade. It introduces a new security feature that should help keep malware off your computers.

This version introduces a feature called sandboxing in Reader.

What this means is that the PDF files and the features in them open in a “protected mode.” The PDF files are kept in their own “sandbox” and not allowed out into important areas of your computer where they could install malware. This should be a major help in limiting malware that has been installing through maliciously crafted PDF files. Adobe reader has been a favorite target of malware for over a year now.

Adobe believes that about 90% of the computers connected to the internet have Reader installed.

This has made PDF targeting attacks very numerous. It is very easy to get someone to go to a page that is  PDF file and not a normal web page where their browser will automatically start Reader to open the file and allow the computer to get infected.

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Last I checked, Reader X is not listed as an update or upgrade from the Adobe Reader help menu like normal upgrades.

You need to go to the Adobe website and download Adobe Reader to upgrade to X. I show you how in the video with this post.

I had a couple problems with installing Reader X. On my first attempt, it would not install because it thought Adobe Reader was in use. I could not find any program using Reader or any services using Task Manager. Rebooting the computer seemed to fix that problem and it then installed easily. I also had a problem where it would not print. Uninstalling Reader X and installing it again fixed that problem. You shouldn’t have these problem and the added security is worth the hassle.

Go to right away and install the new Reader X!

There is malware that can install easily if you are using the old version of Reader out infecting computers right now. Adobe Reader X is a free download.