Windows Updates – Patch Tuesday December 2010

It’s that time of year – I mean that time of month again.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for December 2010 is here.

What does it bring? For most Windows computers somewhere between 10-13 patches.

I have updated several Windows computers manually today.

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

Most were completely updated before today’s release and they ranged from 10-13 updates for today. There are a couple updates for Microsoft Office products in today’s release. Microsoft Publisher and Sharepoint were two Office products highlighted. You will have a few extra updates if you’re using Microsoft Office.

Most of the individual patches require a restart of your computer. You can pretty much rely on needing to restart when the updates are done.

Several of the venerabilities these patches fix have exploits  in use or that have been demonstrated.

Some allow malware to be installed simply by visiting a hacked web page. These are important updates and I encourage you to make sure your computer is patched.

How to update Windows XP manually:

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Windows Manually[/mc]

A special note to Apple Mac OS Microsoft Office users.

I saw mention somewhere of an update for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac coming next week. A later version of Office for Mac was updated last month. Make sure you get updated when it comes out.

Several notable websites were hacked recently with the usernames and passwords released on the internet. It is important not to use the same password on all your accounts. I saw this on twitter:

Darth Vader

@darthvader Darth Vader

“The password to my Gawker account was 1-2-3-4-5, the same code I used for my luggage. Now I need new luggage.”