Patch Tuesday January 2011

It’s the first Microsoft Patch Tuesday for 2011!


Actually, this first batch of updates is not too big. Just a few updates. What worries me a bit more is about what Microsoft didn’t patch this Patch Tuesday. Also, Microsoft is not the only one with updates lately.

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

First, while this month’s patches may not a large number like we have seen in some recent months, they are still just as important.

Again, some of the patches this month block methods that would allow malware to take control of your computer. If you are not sure your computer is updated, head over to Windows Update from your start menu and make sure you run at least the express update that gets the most important updates.

However, even with these updates your computer could still be at risk.

There were two very dangerous exploits discovered over the Holidays that may allow your computer to become infected by visiting a bad (or hacked) website. One is in the graphic system in Windows itself. This one affects all versions of Windows except Windows 7. The other exploit is in Microsoft Internet Explorer (no surprise there).

If you are one of those who still uses Internet Explorer you are taking some big risks.

Internet Explorer Logo
Internet Explorer 8

You want to park your car on a busy street and leave the keys on the roof. Your computer is about as safe as your car if your using Internet Explorer. Oh, and with the information they could get from your computer (do any banking?) they might just do enough financial damage to you to affect your car. Well, that might be a tiny stretch but it is dangerous. Try Firefox or Google Chrome, please.

Apple also released something besides a phone after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

They released an update for the Mac OS. If you are a Mac useer, go do whatever you do to make sure you are updated too.

That is all for Patch Tuesday this month.

I hope to have some more posts and videos up soon. All I have to do is concentrate long enough on one topic to get both the post and video done at the same time. :)