Patch Tuesday February 2011

Lots of updates this Patch Tuesday and not just from Microsoft!

It’s Microsoft’s monthly patch release day already. I got caught off guard a bit thinking it would be next week, but no, it was today.

Microsoft, Adobe, and Firefox all have important updates released today.

From Microsoft:

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

Several different updates with many critical. Some at the Windows operating system, at least one for Internet Explorer, and some for Microsoft Office. The Internet Explorer patch is very important and applies to all released versions of IE.

My experience with the update gave me 9 critical updates on a fully patched Windows XP without Microsoft Office. With Windows 7 I had 10 critical updates.

You will most likely need to restart your computer after the update.

From Adobe:

There is a critical update for Adobe Reader X (for all operating systems). This is for the new Adobe Reader X that was just recently released and which you should be running. You can have Reader X check for updates and update manually by going to the help menu and choosing “Check for Updates.” This is the same method used for previous Adobe Reader versions. This update fixes a critical flaw so make sure you get the update.

Here is a video for updating Adobe Reader manually if you are unsure. This video is from a previous version of Reader so you do not need to worry about the other vulnerabilities mentioned in the video (as long as you have Reader X). The update method is the same.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Update Adobe Reader[/mc]

From Mozilla Firefox:

Mozzila Firefox Logo
The Firefox Browser

If you are using the Firefox browser an update for Firefox was also released today. It also fixes a critical flaw. Most of you running Firefox know how to update it (update in the help menu).

A few last notes.

Google Chrome updated earlier this week too. Chrome update are automatic so you don’t need to worry about how to do it. I was planning to do a post last week for Chinese New Year but the video I had got corrupted (I took a shortcut and discovered a new Linux bug on the way). So, no Chinese New Year post. Happy Year of the Rabbit anyways. :) I do have another post in the works and hope to have it out soon. I realize this was more of a news post but if you find it helpful, “Like” it on Facebook or Tweet it. Thanks.