Installing The Google Chrome Browser in Windows 7

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How to install Google Chrome in Windows 7. I've talked a lot about using Google Chrome and why you should. Despite the fact that it is both the safest and fastest browser available, I still find people who have not installed Google Chrome on their computers. I often find this out while fixing the computer for malware. The only explanation I can think of for these people … [Read more...]

USB Flash Drives – Are They Any Use Now?

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Many people, myself included, have been using USB drives for the last few years. Are USB drives still useful? Why would you want one? Should you use them at all? Have other devices or methods replaced their usefulness. Probably most importantly, are they safe to use? I'll try to help you figure out if a USB drive is something you will find useful. What is … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To Passwords – What You Need To Know

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Passwords - What Everyone and Your Mother Needs to Know About Passwords Passwords were once something most people only heard used in maybe movies, nearly a kind of science fiction. Furthermore, just 5-10 years ago, many people might have only one password to deal with in their lives. Things have changed drastically. Nowadays, you may need passwords for your computer, several … [Read more...]