Installing The Google Chrome Browser in Windows 7

How to install Google Chrome in Windows 7.

I’ve talked a lot about using Google Chrome and why you should. Despite the fact that it is both the safest and fastest browser available, I still find people who have not installed Google Chrome on their computers. I often find this out while fixing the computer for malware.

Chrome is awsome

The only explanation I can think of for these people not using Google Chrome is they are not sure how to install Chrome. So here is how to install Google Chrome. All you really need is a reasonably fast internet connection (an unreasonably fast connection is even better  :-D ).

For you Mac OS users, the following directions won’t work but Google Chrome will work for you.

Here is a video on How To Install The Google Chrome browser in Windows 7 (other Windows versions will be similar).

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Install Google Chrome In Windows 7[/mc]

Start by opening Internet Explorer.

You can find the download page at ¬†or you can do a search for “Google Chrome” to find the right page.

The Google Chrome Download Page
Google Chrome Download Page

Then simply click on the blue “Download Google Chrome” button.

Click the button to download Chrome
Click the button to download Chrome

In the next pop-up I suggest clearing the “Set Google Chrome as my default browser box.” Then click the blue “Accept and Install” button.

Accept and install Chrome
Press the Accept and Install button

Google Chrome will then download and install.

With a reasonably fast connection, this will take less than a minute. Once installed, Chrome will then open up and you are all done.

Yep, it is really that easy. Most people do not need this tutorial. Some may find it a bit encouraging if they are not sure how to download or install a program.

I firmly believe that Chrome is the safest browser available right now. If you have not tried Chrome I hope this will get you to give it a go.

For those of you who think this post was too simple, just remember not everyone is as comfortable using a computer as you.