Patch Tuesday August 2011 and the Lion Roars In A Flash

Yep, it’s that Microsoft patch time of the month again.

This month in addition to Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday there is a surprise update for some Adobe products. Also a new malware targeting new Mac OS Lion users recently appeared.

What does Microsoft have this month for updates?

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

Probably the most important update in this Patch Tuesday is for Internet Explorer. I’ve been getting about 12 updates on the various Windows computers I’ve updated. Microsoft only lists two of the patches as critical. There is a patch for some Microsoft Office programs (notably Visio).

Not too much but Microsoft updates are always important. I needed a reboot after the updates.

Here is a video on how to manually update Windows in case you are not sure you have automatically updated:

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Windows XP Manually[/mc]

Adboe Flash Player Icon
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe had a surprise update this week too.

Adobe announced updates to Adobe Flash, Shockwave, and Air. I still always update flash from the Adobe site using Internet Explorer only as the browser. I then follow Flash by updating Shockwave.

You may or may not have installed Adobe Air on your computer, but I have noticed that it seems to be installed when you install the latest versions of Adobe Reader (not updated this time). I suggest you check your add/remove programs list from control panel and see if you have it installed. Make sure you update it if you do – update anyway if your still not sure.

Perhaps sometime soon we will see the end of needing Adobe Flash. Adobe announced their HTML 5 development software. HTML 5 may eventually replace the use of Flash on websites.

Here is a video on updating Adobe Flash for Windows 7

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Install or Update Adobe Flash Player[/mc]

Finally, a warning to Mac OS Lion users.

There is malware out pretending to be an Adobe Flash installer. Apple did not include Adobe Flash support in Lion so users visiting a site with Lion that requires Flash will need to install it. The malware pretends to be a Flash installer and uses graphics that resemble an Adobe install.

Just like my recommendation to Windows users, Mac OS Lion users should install Flash from the Adobe website after typing in themselves. Do not follow a link or install programs from a web page.

That’s all for Patch Tuesday this month. I’ll let you know if something big is out there. Make sure you get my email newsletter.