Windows Patch Tuesday October 2011

It’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday again.

There’s also been quite a lot of updates over the last month that were released out of schedule. So, what’s up for this month? Again, Apple users will have some downloading too.

Kind of an average number of patches from Microsoft this Patch Tuesday.

I’ve been seeing roughly ten on both Windows 7 and Windows XP systems. One of the more serious patches is for Windows 7 and Vista systems. Updates this month are seen for Silverlight, .NET, and media center with the . NET possible being the most important. Also included in this months patches is an update for Internet Explorer (all versions). I needed to restart the computer on both XP and Windows 7.

Here’s a video on updating Windows if you want to check if your computer is updated.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Update Windows XP Manually[/mc]

Apple users are going to see some updates soon too!

iTunes will be updating. Very likely due to the new iPhone coming out. Also, Mac OS Lion will be seeing an update or two soon. One of the updates is security related.

Over the last month, Microsoft released a couple out of band updates.

Both involved the bad certificates issued as I mention in a previous post. Apparently, not all the bad domains in the bad certificate were revoked in the first try.

Adobe had updates last month too.

Adboe Flash Player Icon
Adobe Flash Player

It’s never a bad idea to check Adobe Reader (you can check for updates in the help menu of Reader) for updates. I also suggest checking the Adobe website to check your flash installation too. Linux users got a 64 bit Flash player update (and there was much rejoicing).

Remember, remember the 5th of November?

The hacking group Anonymous did promise to hack Facebook on November 5th. With all the privacy screw ups (including a current one which Facebook denied and apparently did so¬†falsely) and security problems Facebook has, I suspect they will not have too much problem. I am questioning the safely of having an account on Facebook on November 5th. It could be a wise choice to delete a Facebook account unless you want your email and phone and any other personal info shared with the world instead of your friends. I’m not sure if I will or not. Not yet anyways.

That’s all for this month’s Patch Tuesday.