Patch Tuesday December 2011

December’s Microsoft Patch Tuesday has some important updates.

This month’s updates are important if you use Windows.  :-D

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

More specifically, it’s important if you view text on web pages or on emails. This Patch Tuesday is important if you use any Chinese language on your computer. It is important if you use Internet Explorer. It is important if you use Microsoft Office. It is important if you have an Apple computer and have Microsoft Office on it.

What? Microsoft Patch Tuesday important if you have a Mac? Yep.

There’s more too.

The most important patches this month are for TrueType fonts.

There is a security hole in the way Microsoft uses fonts. Just viewing a webpage where the bad guys have hacked it to send a font to your computer can allow them to install malware on your computer. This has been actively used recently and everyone needs this patch right away. Language related, the Microsoft IME which allows you to type Chinese on a Windows computer also has a security problem.

Here is a video on manually updating Windows XP

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Windows XP Manually[/mc]

There are lots of fixes for Microsoft Office.

If your running Microsoft Office on your computer, there are lots of different fixes for MS Office this month. This includes Microsoft Office for OS X so you Apple fans need to make sure you update Office also.

There are some other updates too, these were just the most notable to me.

There have been and will be some non-Microsoft updates.

Google Chrome was recently updated to version 16. Chrome update automatically so you don’t have to do anything (most likely at least). There was a recent Java update so you should make sure your Java has been updated.

Here is a video on updating Java

[mc src=”″ type=”youtube”]How To Update Java[/mc]

Finally, the bad guys are picking on Adobe products again.

Adobe Reader X
Adobe Reader X

Adobe release an update for Reader and Acrobat last week, make sure you have updated it (most later versions now check automatically and give you a warning). That’s the good news. The bad news is last weekend another Adobe Flash security hole was publicized. This one is in active use by the bad guys and there is no fix for it yet. I would expect a fix from Adobe on this fairly soon. Make sure you’re subscribed to this site, I’ll announce here as soon as I can after Adobe releases an update.

Here is a video on updating Adobe Reader

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]How To Update Adobe Reader[/mc]

Lots to download and update this month.

My experience is the Microsoft Update this month has taken quite a while as it is fairly big. Don’t worry, unless your using a dial-up modem, it won’t take you the whole month to update. It just seems like it. :-D