Patch Tuesday January 2012

The first Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2012

I have lots of news for this month’s Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft has patches today and also released some out of band about a week ago. Did you get them? Adobe is releasing patches today also. Finally, I also will have a bit of an update coming right here at Online IT Guide.

First the Microsoft update news.

Window Update
This is what Window Update looks like in the start menu

The update release for this Patch Tuesday is not too big in number of patches. Just six critical patches for XP (7 counting Microsoft’s monthly malicious tool remover). There is also an optional patch. You will need to restart your computer after updating. The patches are for all Windows operating systems. I don’t have a count for you on the number of patches for Windows 7 but it should be about the same.

One interesting update is for Windows computers that are Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. There is an Internet Explorer patch to fix a problem that allows information disclosure using the encryption meant to encode the information between you and a web server (SSL). The last one is seeing use already online and the patch may also help secure other browsers and not just IE. The problem is with the operating system.  Exploits are expected soon on most of the problems these patches fix for the ones that are not already exploited. You need to update very soon!

Microsoft also released an out of band patch about a week ago.

At the time the .net problem it fixed was not yet being actively exploited online. There has been an exploit released and from what I understand it is pretty easy to accomplish. Make sure your computer is updated or your going to be seeing some problems soon.

Adobe released updates for Adobe Reader X and Acrobat today too.

Adobe Reader X
Adobe Reader X

Adobe release an update last month for those still running Adobe Reader 9. Adobe Reader X was left for Adobe’s normal release schedule as the sandbox technology in Reader X was believed to be good enough to keep it same till the full release. So, it is time to make sure Adobe Reader is updated on your computer too. If you are using Reader X you’ll probably get the notification icon on the lower right of your screen. Click it to start the update or update manually. I see these icons on computers weeks after these patches are released. It is there to tell you to do it now!

Maybe the icon should say something like “Update now or someone will steal all the money out of your bank account!”

A bit extreme maybe, but I just don’t understand why people don’t do these updates when they are so important to their own online safety.

I have yet to see an update for Adobe Flash.

I mentioned last time there were some new (bad) problems with Adobe Flash. I will be looking for it and let you know as soon as I know it is out.

Now for the last update news.New post thumbnail

Within the next week, Online IT Guide will be getting a new theme and update. You can expect it to look a bit mangled for a few days during the process. When done, I hope it will offer some great features to my readers.

One new feature I am looking forward to is nested comments. Replies to  a comment will appear below the original comment.

The new theme and software will take me some time to figure out.

I had been using the old theme since I started blogging years ago. It was second theme I tried on a WordPress blog and was so effective, I have used it on all the WordPress sites I have had since. It was flexible and easily customized (so none of my sites resembled each other even though they all had the same framework underneath).

I am missing some of the ease of use the old theme had as I have been installing the new framework and them on some of my other sites. Should I see support improve for the old theme again, I’ll be able to recommend it highly. However, I’ve decided it’s time to make a change. I’ll be sharing some of the things I’m learning here.

Because of the impending theme update, I am not posting the videos on updating Windows or Reader I usually post. I am not sure what’s going to happen to the videos in previous posts either. I may be spending a lot of time adding them back to the posts over the next month.  :-| So, happy January everyone.