What about this site and the author?

If I knew then, what I know now.

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James - Photographer, Website Creator, IT Guy, and really cool frood.
For most of my 20 years as a professional photographer, I never thought about marketing. However, the loss of my father, who did all the marketing for the business, and changes in the ecomony, forced me to start learning about marketing. I learned a bit too late to really turn things around and I left the photography profession (although I still get contacted by previous client who want me to work for them).

One of the things that seemed to be working, was the website.

The website that I had (much of the work done by a photographic marketing mentor) worked so well, that I had people calling to schedule appointments before I could even mail the information they asked for on the contact form. Not only that, but they called to make an appointment, not to ask “How much?”

That was when I learned what marketing could do for a small business.

There was one small problem with that website. There were not enough people seeing that website. While it was a great marketing tool, that old website did not have a means getting traffic. It had no way of building a community. The only way to get traffic was to pay for Google ads (not a bad way to get clients, but it should not be the only way you get traffic to your website if you run a business). If only there had been a way to get past clients and new clients.
Sadly, I had all the ingredients, but failed to mix them. I started to study internet marketing and even created a few websites (which are still running with a bit of success). At the time, blogs were just starting to become popular online. I never thought about mixing the website with a blog. The blog would have been able to create that community I needed to market to previous clients and build a new customer base at the same time.

So, my prime goal with this blog is help small businesses create effective websites.

Websites that can create a community for their business and give them an edge over the chain stores and huge discount stores that will always be able to beat their price. To help them become successful at what they want to do.

Besides being a photographer, I have a degree in computer networking.

I am constantly being asked “How much would you charge to build a computer?” or “How much to fix my computer (I think I have a virus)?” Most of the time, my answer was not much help. Unless it was a real close friend, I did not want to handle it. However, I finally took a look at what some of the big electronics stores are charging and figured people need some better options. I am going to make building and running your personal computer easy for you. You’re going to find what I use to kill off viruses and some of the important security problems you need to know about to use your computer and the internet safely.
I started playing with computers with Radio Shack TRS-80 (Model III for those really old geeks out there). I tell you right now that I did not do much with it. Unless you programed something, there was not much to do. I eventually moved to a Commodore 64 which was a totally awsome game computer. Few games nowadays have the ability to entertain 5-6 people at once like Summer Games could. When it comes to PC’s I have built every computer I own (with the exception of my laptop – kinda hard to build them yourself). I think you’ll find what I have to say about computers useful even if you don’t want to build your own. You still need to know how to keep it safe (something that is becoming more and more tricky each day).

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