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USB Flash Drives – Are They Any Use Now?

A cartoon about USB flash drives

Many people, myself included, have been using USB drives for the last few years. Are USB drives still useful? Why would you want one? Should you use them at all? Have other devices or methods replaced their usefulness. Probably most importantly, are they safe to use? I'll try to help you figure out if a USB drive is something you will find useful. What is … [Read more...]

What Is The Best Headset For Google Voice?

Image of a computer headset

Do you need a headset for Google Voice? and What is the best headset for Google Voice? With Google Voice now allowing people to have a phone number and make free calls to the US and Canada from their computers, many people are wondering what they need to use Google Voice. In particular, do you need a special headset for Google Voice. What about a headphone for Google Voice … [Read more...]

A Zillion Ways To Back Up Your Computer

External USB Hard Drive

A really, really big list of ways to back up your hard drive. Ok, maybe not a zillion and I am not sure how many a zillion ways to back up your computer would be anyways.I'm not even sure zillion is a real number. This is a whole lot of different ways and I'll let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each method of backing up your hard drive and computer. Some methods … [Read more...]