Patch Tuesday June 2011


Yep, it's time for Microsoft's official monthly release of updates and patches to protect your computer from malware. However, there are some updates that may be more important than the Windows update. Adobe also released updates to several products and as these updates are needed to stop some current malware on the internet infecting computers, I'll be covering those first. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday April 2011


For Patch Tuesday April 2011 Microsoft seems to be making another record breaking attempt at releasing a large number of patches. Also, there is yet another Adobe Flash exploit out that is already in use (a 0-day exploit). First, the Microsoft updates: This month Microsoft has 17┬ábulletins covering 64 vulnerabilites. That's a lot! On Windows XP, I have seen up to … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday March 2011


It's that time of month again - time to update your computer, that is. What does Microsoft have for Patch Tuesday March 2011? Compared to some of the last few patches, this month's release of fixes by Microsoft is fairly small. Just 3-4 updates for XP with a few more in Windows 7. For those running Windows 7 there may be an extra surprise in the updates this month. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday October 2010

This is probably a record setting month for updates and for more than just Microsoft! Yes, it's already time for Microsoft's monthly release of patches. This month Microsoft has a record setting 16 bulletins. These fix a total of about 49 vulnerabilities. … [Read more...]