Patch Tuesday April 2012

Patch Tuesday April 2012 everyone's favorite day! Well, maybe not. In fact, with some in the computer field, it's right up there with April 15th - tax day. This months updates includes some from Microsoft and Adobe. Also, we've had some very concerning news in the last week for Mac users. So, what's up this month? … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday January 2012


The first Microsoft Patch Tuesday of 2012 I have lots of news for this month's Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has patches today and also released some out of band about a week ago. Did you get them? Adobe is releasing patches today also. Finally, I also will have a bit of an update coming right here at Online IT Guide. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday December 2011


December's Microsoft Patch Tuesday has some important updates. This month's updates are important if you use Windows.  :-D More specifically, it's important if you view text on web pages or on emails. This Patch Tuesday is important if you use any Chinese language on your computer. It is important if you use Internet Explorer. It is important if you use Microsoft Office. It … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday September 2011 – Important News


It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday for September 2011 The big news this month is not Microsoft's official monthly patch release. In fact, during the last couple weeks, Windows has not been the main source of security problems. At least not directly. The internet security problems of the last few weeks seem to affect everyone. Linux and Mac OS Lion have had some potentially more … [Read more...]