Patch Tuesday June 2011


Yep, it's time for Microsoft's official monthly release of updates and patches to protect your computer from malware. However, there are some updates that may be more important than the Windows update. Adobe also released updates to several products and as these updates are needed to stop some current malware on the internet infecting computers, I'll be covering those first. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday March 2011


It's that time of month again - time to update your computer, that is. What does Microsoft have for Patch Tuesday March 2011? Compared to some of the last few patches, this month's release of fixes by Microsoft is fairly small. Just 3-4 updates for XP with a few more in Windows 7. For those running Windows 7 there may be an extra surprise in the updates this month. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday February 2011


Lots of updates this Patch Tuesday and not just from Microsoft! It's Microsoft's monthly patch release day already. I got caught off guard a bit thinking it would be next week, but no, it was today. Microsoft, Adobe, and Firefox all have important updates released today. From Microsoft: … [Read more...]

How To Install Adobe Reader X aka 10

Computer Software

Adobe recently released Adobe Reader X Actually, Adobe released it a couple weeks ago at the time of this post, but I had a few problems with it and waited to make sure it was going to work before I was going to recommend everyone switch to it. I recommend that everyone with a Windows computer download and install Reader X right away. This new version of Adobe Reader is more … [Read more...]