Patch Tuesday April 2012

Patch Tuesday April 2012 everyone's favorite day! Well, maybe not. In fact, with some in the computer field, it's right up there with April 15th - tax day. This months updates includes some from Microsoft and Adobe. Also, we've had some very concerning news in the last week for Mac users. So, what's up this month? … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday March 2012


Time for my review of this month's release of updates from Microsoft and others. This Patch Tuesday brings a fairly small number of updates from Microsoft and some updates from Apple. As I wrote this post, the Internet Storm Center issued a Yellow Alert! This is rare and was done to stress the importance of this Windows Update. It is important that you update now and make … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday July 2011


What you need to know about this July's Microsoft updates. This month has a very important update for laptop users in particular. There have been some other interesting things happening over the last month as well. Also, I am very late with the Patch Tuesday post this month, I have a very good excuse that I'll tell you about. First, Patch Tuesday's updates. … [Read more...]