The Ultimate Guide To Passwords – What You Need To Know

Do you remember your password

Passwords - What Everyone and Your Mother Needs to Know About Passwords Passwords were once something most people only heard used in maybe movies, nearly a kind of science fiction. Furthermore, just 5-10 years ago, many people might have only one password to deal with in their lives. Things have changed drastically. Nowadays, you may need passwords for your computer, several … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Fixing Your Hacked Email Account


How to regain control (and security) of your hacked email account. Are you thinking your email account has been hacked? Perhaps some of your contacts are complaining that you are sending emails with spammy links. Maybe you keep getting logged out of your account with a message that you are logged in on another computer. These are some things that I have had happen to … [Read more...]

New Email Scam Going Strong


There seems to be a major malware email worm going around. What can you expect from this malware? You make get a link in an email. If you click on the link it will take you to a PDF page which can download and install malware on your computer. In this case, you may be asked to install some program like a screensaver. The good news? … [Read more...]

Fake IRS Email Scam 1042-W


Since it is tax season I thought you should know about another fake IRS email scam that is going around. This one is a bit different from the malware email that I talked about a while ago. It's not a virus or malware. It's just an outright scam. Maybe you would not fall for it, but someone you know might. Typically, the elderly are often more┬ásusceptible┬áto scams, so if you … [Read more...]