How To Disable Facebook Places and Why You Need To!

Computer Software

Facebook has again shown a total lack of respect for it's users. Facebook Places has a very big potential to be a big embarrassment to nearly anyone. What is Facebook Places and how could it be bad? This new Facebook feature has a huge potential for abuse. If you have a Facebook account, you already risk potential embarrassment, or something even worse that could be painful … [Read more...]

Facebook Farm Town Malware Ads


Just a quick warning. A popular Facebook app game, Farm Town may be serving malware ads. While not to be confused with Farmville, Farm Town which has over 9 million players, has been getting reports of malware ads from players. If you ever get a pop-up claiming you are infected with a virus and need to download some anti-virus program - Don't. While the recommendation … [Read more...]

Facebook Password Email Virus and A Copyright Lawsuit Email Virus


The recent Facebook password virus is joined by a copyright lawsuit virus that work on a similar principle. In the Facebook password email virus, you receive an email telling you that your Facebook password has been changed. If you follow the link in the email, you are taken not to Facebook, but to a website loaded with malware that will try to infect your computer. Another … [Read more...]