Patch Tuesday March 2012


Time for my review of this month's release of updates from Microsoft and others. This Patch Tuesday brings a fairly small number of updates from Microsoft and some updates from Apple. As I wrote this post, the Internet Storm Center issued a Yellow Alert! This is rare and was done to stress the importance of this Windows Update. It is important that you update now and make … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday December 2011


December's Microsoft Patch Tuesday has some important updates. This month's updates are important if you use Windows.  :-D More specifically, it's important if you view text on web pages or on emails. This Patch Tuesday is important if you use any Chinese language on your computer. It is important if you use Internet Explorer. It is important if you use Microsoft Office. It … [Read more...]

How To Add The Google RSS Extension For Google Chrome

A big orange RSS feed icon

How to add the Google RSS Extension to Google Chrome. In a recent post, I pointed out how convenient RSS feeds can be and how they can save you time. I've also pointed out that I believe the safest browser to use when surfing the Internet is Google Chrome. Many new browsers, including Google Chrome, seem to be dropping a feature that was really nice to have for RSS feeds. … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday September 2011 – Important News


It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday for September 2011 The big news this month is not Microsoft's official monthly patch release. In fact, during the last couple weeks, Windows has not been the main source of security problems. At least not directly. The internet security problems of the last few weeks seem to affect everyone. Linux and Mac OS Lion have had some potentially more … [Read more...]

Installing The Google Chrome Browser in Windows 7

Click the button to download Chrome

How to install Google Chrome in Windows 7. I've talked a lot about using Google Chrome and why you should. Despite the fact that it is both the safest and fastest browser available, I still find people who have not installed Google Chrome on their computers. I often find this out while fixing the computer for malware. The only explanation I can think of for these people … [Read more...]