Patch Tuesday March 2012


Time for my review of this month's release of updates from Microsoft and others. This Patch Tuesday brings a fairly small number of updates from Microsoft and some updates from Apple. As I wrote this post, the Internet Storm Center issued a Yellow Alert! This is rare and was done to stress the importance of this Windows Update. It is important that you update now and make … [Read more...]

Which Web Browser Is The Best?

Computer Software

What is the best Web browser? With the browser being just about the most important program on your computer, you have many options to choose from. Yet, many never move past using the browser installed by the Operating System by default. Should you look for another browser? There are several to choose from, which one is the best? Even more important, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Patch Tuesday May 2010 and Could There Be Malware Out For Macs?


Today is Patch Tuesday 2010 Microsoft released several updates today. If you're not sure if your computer has done an automatic update already, make sure it does get updated. Some of the patches released by Microsoft are for vulnerabilities that already being attached. However, also in the computer security warnings today are a warning about the Apple Safari browser. Today's … [Read more...]

Important Updates For Mac and Windows


This week brings many important OS updates for the Mac and a critical update for IE. A hacking contest last week may be partly to blame for a large number of security updates. This time, it's not just Microsoft products that are needing a fix. In fact, all but one browser was demonstrated to have security problems. Are you using the only safe one? Or, are you risking it all … [Read more...]