Important! Browser Updates For Everyone March 2011


Important updates for Windows operating systems and for browsers on all computers this week of March 2011. First, you need to make sure your browser has been updated no matter what type of computer you use! If your computer runs Windows, Microsoft has released an out of band emergency update. It is possible that other operating systems may have updates also. No matter what, … [Read more...]

Patch Tuesday January 2011


It's the first Microsoft Patch Tuesday for 2011! Yippee! Actually, this first batch of updates is not too big. Just a few updates. What worries me a bit more is about what Microsoft didn't patch this Patch Tuesday. Also, Microsoft is not the only one with updates lately. … [Read more...]

How To Install Adobe Reader X aka 10

Computer Software

Adobe recently released Adobe Reader X Actually, Adobe released it a couple weeks ago at the time of this post, but I had a few problems with it and waited to make sure it was going to work before I was going to recommend everyone switch to it. I recommend that everyone with a Windows computer download and install Reader X right away. This new version of Adobe Reader is more … [Read more...]

An Important Online Shopping and Banking Warning


Microsoft is issuing an out of band security update tomorrow September 28,2010. My personal suggestion is to avoid any online shopping and online banking for a day or two. The exploit affects the Microsoft  .net service that is used for keeping information on a Web server secure. The SAN's internet storm center sums up Microsoft's advisory this way: Translated, this means that … [Read more...]