Patch Tuesday June 2011


Yep, it's time for Microsoft's official monthly release of updates and patches to protect your computer from malware. However, there are some updates that may be more important than the Windows update. Adobe also released updates to several products and as these updates are needed to stop some current malware on the internet infecting computers, I'll be covering those first. … [Read more...]

Which Web Browser Is The Best?

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What is the best Web browser? With the browser being just about the most important program on your computer, you have many options to choose from. Yet, many never move past using the browser installed by the Operating System by default. Should you look for another browser? There are several to choose from, which one is the best? Even more important, … [Read more...]

Uninstalling Adobe Flash – Windows 7

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How to uninstall Adobe Flash Sometimes, when you are trying to update Adobe Flash (or any another program) an old version of the program will cause some type of problem with the update. Specifically, Adobe mentions this possibility with Flash. I have seen this myself when doing tutorials for updating Adobe Flash. In my case, the error was because Flash was already updated. … [Read more...]

Stupid Computer! Wasn’t Life Better Without Computers?

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Computers, cell phones, and all those other electronic devices have changed our lives so much. Life is so hectic now. There is no denying that now days we need to do things faster in order to stay competitive. Perhaps we have the computer and other electronics to blame for it. There is also the added headache of when that computer doesn't work right. Why do we need the … [Read more...]

How To Disable Facebook Places and Why You Need To!

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Facebook has again shown a total lack of respect for it's users. Facebook Places has a very big potential to be a big embarrassment to nearly anyone. What is Facebook Places and how could it be bad? This new Facebook feature has a huge potential for abuse. If you have a Facebook account, you already risk potential embarrassment, or something even worse that could be painful … [Read more...]