A Zillion Ways To Back Up Your Computer

External USB Hard Drive

A really, really big list of ways to back up your hard drive. Ok, maybe not a zillion and I am not sure how many a zillion ways to back up your computer would be anyways.I'm not even sure zillion is a real number. This is a whole lot of different ways and I'll let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each method of backing up your hard drive and computer. Some methods … [Read more...]

Video-How To Update Windows Manually

Computer Software

Here's a video on how to force a Windows Update. Why would you want to force a Windows Update? There are several reasons you may now want to wait for an automatic Windows Update: You have had the computer off for a while and need to make sure it is safe before you browse the web. Microsoft releases an out of band update for an exploit currently in use … [Read more...]

Video – How To Update or Install Adobe Flash In Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

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How to update or install Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash is installed on nearly every computer. It does not show up as a program unless you check in your Control Panel under Add/Remove Programs. Unless you have an iPhone or iPad, you probably have it installed (many websites need it to look right). With malware targeting Adobe Flash Player vulnerabilities to install on your … [Read more...]